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PTP/meetings/August 2006

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August 2006 Meeting

Date: August 8, 2006 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free: 1 866 807-2880
Local: (505) 606-1028


  1. PTP Status
    • Release review, August 15
    • 1.1 release planning
  2. Project Reports
    • PLDT update
    • TAU update
    • Fortran update
    • Resource manager/runtime support update
    • Remote services update
  3. Tutorials
    • LACSI Symposium 2006, October 17, Santa Fe, NM
    • SC06, November 12, Tampa, FL
  4. Other business
  5. Next meeting

Meeting Notes

Date: August 8, 2006
Time: 1:00 PM EST


  1. Shirley Moore, UTK
  2. Dan Terpstra, UTK
  3. Wyatt Spear, UO
  4. Pat Teller, UTEP
  5. Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  6. Evelyn Duesterwald, IBM
  7. Greg Watson, LANL
  8. Craig Rasmussen, LANL
  9. Nathan DeBardelben, LANL

PTP status

  1. Release review
    • Scheduled for August 15. This will transition PTP from verification phase to implementation phase
  2. 1.1 release planning
    • Need to finalize 1.1 features by August 31.

Project Reports

  1. PLDT (Beth Tibbitts)
    • build of current PLDT available from builds page on web site
    • Fortran version of MPI development tools underway
    • IBM have summer student working on static analysis
    • New project type for MPI projects
  2. TAU (Wyatt Spear)
    • Tracking down bug with Photran
    • Selective instrumentation system using editor
    • Paper in HPCC conference
  3. Fortran (Craig Rasmussen)
    • Encouraging LANL users to begin using Eclipse/Fortran
    • Working on support for IBM xlF compiler
    • Creating a Fortran 2003 parser that will generate CDT DOM nodes
    • Photran likely to become part of CDT
  4. Resource manager/runtime support update (Nathan DeBardeleben)
    • About to merge Nathan's changes into HEAD
    • Change to the way model manager interacts with external runtime system
    • Move to event model better suits resource manager design
    • Should not see any major changes to UI
  5. Remote services (Greg Watson)
    • Chris Recoskie is working on remote indexing for CDT
    • Interest from other groups on remote projects
    • LANL will be working on this next year
  6. Other
    • IBM looking at Tools for cell processor (cross compiler)
    • Craig suggested looking at ANTLRworks IDE as model for simplified Eclipse interface


LANL and IBM have tutorials accepted for LACSI Symposium 2006 (October 17, Santa Fe, NM) and SC06 (November 12, Tampa, FL). These tutorials are intended to provide an introduction to using Eclipse for scientific computing. Please encourage people to attend.

Other business

UTK, UTEP are working on a project to introduce Eclipse/PTP onto Linux clusters and integration of performance tools. IBM encouraged them to collaborate with Performance Explorer and TAU integration.

Next meeting

September 12, 2006

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