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The release review for the PTP release 1.0 was held on Aug. 16, 2006. Attending from PTP were Greg Watson, Craig Rasmussen, and Beth Tibbitts. (Yes, well, it's a bit late, since we made release 1.0 available in March, but better late than never.)

Since a scheduled review distributes the slides ahead of time, the slides weren't covered, only questions about the content was necessary.

The slides are available and should be included shortly on the Eclipse Historical Release Reviews page

A few questions included:

  1. Is there support for different versions (of MPI)? Greg answered yes, and gave a brief overview of his foray into support for MPICH.
  2. How difficult is it to write support for another MPI implementation? Greg responded not too difficult. Most of the infrastructure needed is already there. It's just a matter of tailoring it for the particular implementation.
  3. Why was Fortran support not evident? (John Duimovich had seen PTP demos - from me (Beth) that showed only CDT support, because the demo was of the MPI Development tools and PLDT, which did not support Fortran at the time.) Craig answered that it was because the CDT was more mature than Photran, and that we are adding support for Fortran/Photran now.
  4. How much native C code is in PTP? Greg answered - not alot - about 500 lines. He also pointed out that we use sockets instead of JNI (Java Native Interface) because if there are any issues in the native libraries it is possible to corrupt the JVM, and thus cause all of Eclipse, to crash. Greg hopes to attend the Europa build workshop in September, which should include some discussions about build/support for native code in Eclipse projects.

Bjorn pronounced that PTP thus passed the Release 1.0 Review. Let's break out the (virtual) champagne!

Now on to PTP 1.1!

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