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Resource Management Support

Reorganizing Plug-in Structure

ORTE code in core and ui will be refactored into separate plug-ins.

core plugins

  • core/org.eclipse.ptp.core
  • core/org.eclipse.ptp.launch
  • core/org.eclipse.ptp.ui
  • core/org.eclipse.ptp.proxy (optional)
  • core/org.eclipse.ptp.utils (optional)

resource management plug-ins

  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.rm.slurm
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.rm.slurm.ui
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.rm.orte (new)
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.rm.orte.ui
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.orte
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.orte.linux.ppc
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.orte.linux.x86
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.orte.linux.x86_64
  • rm/org.eclipse.ptp.orte.macosx.ppc

Changes to PTP Core

extension point org.eclipse.ptp.rm

A new extension point will be defined in org.eclipse.ptp.core plug-in. All RM plug-ins will extend it.

        <rm name="ORTE" supportLocal=true supportRemote=true needPort=true>
          <run class="org.eclipse.ptp.rm.orte.OrtePlugin"/>

The following information about the RM will be provided to the core: IResourceManagerConfig

  • name
  • supportLocal
  • supportRemote
  • needPort


  • start()
  • stop()
  • IResoruceManagerConfig getConfiguration()
  • getModelManager()
  • getControlSystem()

The PTP model is instantiated by the individual RM plug-ins following the interfaces defined by the PTP core.

The RM plug-ins are also responsible for the management of the launching of any proxies.

PTPCore class

The following interfaces will be added to org.eclipse.ptp.core.PTPCorePlugin class:

  • getCurrentRM
  • setCurrentRM
  • addRMListener
  • remoteRMListener

(what else?)

Changes to PTP UI

A Preference Page will be added to org.eclipse.ptp.ui plug-in. The preference page allows user to add/remove/modify RMs.

A Targets View will be added to org.eclipse.ptp.ui plug-in. The view displays and provide UI elements to control RMs (with the help from PTPCorePlugin class).

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