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PTP/designs/perf tools framework

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Performance Tools Framework

A generic implementation of the PTP Performance Tools Framework (PTFw) is now available as of PTP 2.0 and is delivered as an optional feature of PTP 2.0. We are in the process of documenting its use. Features include

  • xml-specified workflow to call Eclipse or external tools for each step
  • xml-driven UI that presents a GUI within the eclipse launch configuration dialog

For more information see the PTP Tutorial presented at TACC in May 2008 pages 6-3 and 6-4

PTP Performance Tools Framework Overview : Beginnings of a description of PTFw existing functionality and future ideas

Performance Tools Framework for TAU

(This section needs to be updated; now these features have been generalized for use in other than TAU)

An implementation of an initial performance extension for ptp has been done for TAU, and is available in the PTP CVS repository, under org.eclipse.ptp/tools/tau.

Currently under development (July '07) is a generalized performance framework to assist tool developers in porting their tools to Eclipse, or easily integrating existing performance tools with Eclipse.

Goal: create the eclipse "plumbing" to ease the integration of existing performance tools, both internal (implemented within Eclipse) and external; generalize and extend existing performance tools' integration with PTP

Integration points are envisioned to include:

  1. Instrumentation
    • automatic vs. manual (including user-assisted e.g. via eclipse actions)
    • selective implies some filters of types of instrumentation to add
  2. Build, which may or may not be transparent to user
  3. Launch with instrumentation
  4. Management of profile/trace data
  5. Visualization / Analysis of profile/trace data

Note: Performance tools have also been classified in three phases:

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Measurement (which would include build and launch, measurement during the run)
  3. Analysis (which could include management of data as well as analysis including visualization)

See also Performance Analysis Use Cases at [1]

Instrumentation features

To start with I (Beth Tibbitts) am prototyping some eclipse tools to assist users in adding performance instrumentation lines to source code. So far about 90% of the code is in a generic plug-in to which the user/client writes an extension plug-in that uses that and requires very little code to implement. Next I will work on instrumentation that doesn't modify the user's source code at all, a "transparent" instrumentation that e.g. instruments a copy of the source code then builds.

Others are working on other areas, but I won't speak for them at this point. As we firm up these areas and extension points, we'll publish more detailed information here. Stay tuned. (BRT 8/18/07)

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