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also an RSS feed can show you bug status: []
also an RSS feed can show you bug status: []
== Unit Test Reports ==
Nightyly build reports include unit test results.<br>
Access to unit test results: <br>
for example links to January 13th 2007 test results.

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"Testing: Early, Often and Automated" (Extreme Programmin Explained by KENT BECK)
The PDT team has accepted the XP ([1]) two principles to increase the cost-effectiveness of testing: double checking and the Defect Cost Increase.
We release the "PDT test framework" that helps us write unit tests for PDT in a very fast way.

"The sooner you find a defect, the cheaper it is to fix".


Unit tests for PDT plug-ins can be found under /gitroot/tools/org.eclipse.pdt/tests module. The convention is the following:

Plug-in Name Unit Test Plug-in Name
org.eclipse.php.core org.eclipse.php.core.tests

Running Unit Tests

Each Unit Test plug-in has its own AllTests suite. For running the suite at once right click on it, then select: Run As -> JUnit Plug-in Test. Each test can be run independently in the same manner.

Mailing List and RSS

In order to be updated on test issues, register at

also an RSS feed can show you bug status:

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