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PDT 4.0 is currently in development. To try out the most recent snapshot build of 4.0.0, see PDT/Nightlies article.

We fixed / closed around 70 bugs in this release!


  1. Validator for multiple access modifiers bug 486092
  2. Final support for PHP 7 scalar type declarations bug 469267
  3. Support for Eclipse Neon smart import bug 476862
  4. Validator for non abstract methods without body bug 480280
  5. Since 4.0 PDT use DLTK 5.5 Lucene indexer bug 492870
  6. Better error messages for unsupported PHP versions (especially for legacy versions) bug 493263
  7. Better task tags (eg. @todo) detection bug 492373
  8. Use statement validator nonger analyze PHP comments (except phpdoc) bug 477908
  9. Validator for multiple access modifiers (eg. public private function) bug 486166
  10. Methods and functions are visible as "void" only if haven't return and yield statements. Otherwise have declared return type or "mixed" bug 469508


  1. Deprecated highlighting is show even if class in same namespace bug 486166
  2. "abstract" keyword is no longer proposed inside method body bug 491784
  3. Constants are no longer suggested after "implements" keyword bug 492245
  4. Simple types (int, bool, string...) for PHP >= 7 return types bug 492424
  5. Basic JavaScript codeassit for projects without JavaScript nature bug 492981
  6. "class" keyword code assist for anonymous class bug 493077
  7. Improved support around @inheritdoc (coloring ans code assist) bug 491991
  8. Since 4.0 more semantic highlighters are enabled by default, for example class, deprecation and constats highlighter bug 436044
  9. Improve highlighting for "array" type bug 463556
  10. Improve class semantic highlighter support "instanceof" and "insteadof" bug 470782
  11. Assign to local quick assist (ctrl/cmd + 2 + L) bug 479088
  12. General performance improvements for PHPDoc generation bug 489791 bug 466694
  13. Smart parenthesis works correctly inside closures bug 493134
  14. Hyperlinks and code assist no longer freeze UI if indexing is in progress bug 488084
  15. Syntax highlighter now fully support PHP 7 context sensitive keywords bug 475958


  1. OSX support improvements bug 488630
  2. Improvements in debugger variables support bug 487966 bug 490697
  3. No longer display outdated values bug 477241
  4. Fix ignored breakpoints bug 489646
  5. Support class statics if inside namespace bug 492992
  6. Remove PDT "Parameter Stack" view bug 492010
  7. [Zend Debugger] Fix variables fetching with static context in PHP 7 bug 493839
  8. Fix 'Display debug information' saving bug 493154


  1. "Short method return types" are enabled by default in all PDT views bug 469503
  2. Better integration with eclipse Project Explorer bug 480376 bug 480374 bug 494124
  3. Support for traits in PHP Project Explorer when "group by namespace" is active bug 488685
  4. PHP Language Library have PHP Version badge bug 494137

Adopters / Extenders

  1. API cleanup, a lot of @deprecated methods and classes has been removed bug 492330 bug 493467
  2. AST StaticFieldAccess now is built correctly between PHP Versions 489554

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