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During this release cycle we fixed 118 bugs!

General (30 bugs)

1. PHP 5.6 Support (bug #435922)

Php56 syntax.png

2. Problems reported as "PHP Syntax Error" instead of "DLTK Error" (bug #445244)

Pdt34 syntax errors.png

Editor (50 bugs)

1. PHP Refactoring Support (bug #149818)

Pd34 refactoring.png

2. "\" prefix for global function call inside namespace, disabled by default (bug #448500)

Pdt34 global prefix.png

3. Better auto-edit for nested arrays

4. New formatting option for brackets in lambdas (bug #435953)

Pdt34 lambda format.png

Debugging (28 bugs)

1. static class variables visible in PHP Debug perspective bug #207699

Pdt34 debugger static vars.png

2. support multiple simultaneous requests with Zend Debugger


1. Improved PDT performance and responsiveness in: startup, text editor, content assist, indexing

2. PDT Help is again part of package (bug #369635)

3. PDT Mylyn support was added to Luna repository (bug #178350)

Full bugs list for this release cycle

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Previous, service releases bugs

3.3.2 -
3.3.1 -

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