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PDE Plans

4.5 Plan - View and add items to the PDE 4.5 plan (Mars)

` PDE PLAN 4.5

Usability Issues

There are lot of usability issues in manifest editor, feature editor and product configuration editors. There are different behaviors for the same actions in these editors. These will be made consistent.

68423 PDE UI [Manifest Editor] Undo / Redo does not work on form pages

440275 PDE UI Automatic wildcard support for adding plug-ins to plug-in based products

440420 PDE UI [patch] 'Remove' Button is missing in Feature Editor

433824 PDE API Tool API scan filter should mention what was filtered from report

434863 PDE UI PDE should filter architectures by platform

231099 PDE UI [launching] Make launch config files more SCM friendly

Target Editor Improvements

Target editor has lots of issues regarding selection and resolving targets in 4.4. These problems keep on reoccurring. So a holistic approach would be taken to solve these problems.

275999 PDE UI [target] edit software site does not set initial selection reliably

441190 PDE UI [target] Provide reload button in target editor to re-resolve p2 locations

437726 PDE UI [target][p2] Wrong error messages when opening target definitions with non-existing IUs

37729 PDE UI [target][p2] Increment sequence number so target re-resolves when editor is opened and p2 location has errors

Java 8 Left-over

Java 8 was supported in Luna (4.4). But there are some minor left-overs. These will be completed in 4.5

431749 PDE API Tool [1.8] Support problem markers on lambda expressions for restrictions on API functional interfaces

434799 PDE API Tool [1.8] Type annotation changes do not produce comparison deltas

432929 PDE API Tool [1.8] Add tests for Java 8 support that find references in secondary types

Performance Cases

There are few performance issues in and around PDE. These problems are important and will be tackled.

417009 PDE API Tool TagValidator scans too many times

434195 PDE UI Very long build times after plugin manifest update

432695 PDE API Tool [performance] All project API descriptions get saved for every project close

Miscellaneous/General Bug fixes.

Apart from this, regular bug-fixes and some important issues that come from time to time will be handled.

Already put in 4.5

There has been an improvement in product editor for incorporating preference from file to the product editorAlso name and location of CSS file to use has been given. (contributed).

426530 PDE UI [Product][Editors] Allow to populate default preferences from an existing EPF file

426528 PDE UI [Product][Editors] Specify the name and location of the CSS file to use

438432 PDE API Tool Java 8 API errors on ZonedDateTime#isBefore(ChronoZonedDateTime) and #toEpochSecond()

4.4 Plan - View the PDE 4.4 plan (Luna)

4.3 Plan - View the PDE 4.3 plan (Kepler)

3.8 Plan - View the PDE 3.8 plan (Juno)

3.7 Plan - View the PDE 3.7 plan (Indigo)

3.6 Plan - View the PDE 3.6 plan (Helios)

PDE Planning Documents

Wishlist - PDE wishlist for future releases

Retrospectives - What we did well, what we could do better

Other Plans

Eclipse Plan - Official plan for the Eclipse project

Helios Release Train - Plan for the overall release train

Project Plans - Links to the various Eclipse project plans

PDE Calendar

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