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The PDE Incubator provides a place to grow and test new ideas that fall into plug-in development space.

There incubator is divided into work areas and graduated components

Work areas are made for experimentation. Graduated components materialize from a mature work area project

Work Areas

  • Visualization - Visualization.
  • Extreme Self-Hosting - Extreme self-hosting.
  • Product Customization - Tooling for Equinox Transforms and customization of products
  • Picasso - UI Debugging by painting the workbench :)
  • Modeling - Modeling the PDE to simplify tooling writing and easily allow extensions (e.g. by OSGi vendors)
  • b3 - a proposal to rebuild PDE from a modeling point of view and to incorporate ideas from maven, athena, buckminster, and perhaps tycho?

Graduated Components

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