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PDE/API Tools/Java7

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This page summarizes all the work that must be done to add Java(tm) 7 support to API Tools.

Current Status at a Glance

Java 7 features
Switch on Strings Multi-catch Try-with-Resources
Simplified Varargs Method Invocation Diamond Polymorphic Methods

   Completely implemented

Partially implemented or "can be improved"

Not tested yet

Current Status

  • Support for try-with-resource has been tested - bug 349447

Remaining Work

  • Create EE description file for JavaSE-1.7
  • Update builder test suite with new code patterns
  • Test switch on strings
  • Test multi-catch
  • Test simplified varargs
  • Test Diamond
  • Test polymorphic methods

How to Test

Instructions on how to test the Java(tm) 7 support can be found on the JDT Core wiki page.

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