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Orion/UX Issues/R0.5

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Revision as of 16:03, 13 April 2012 by Susan (Talk | contribs) (New page: This page summarizes a UX discussion about the state of Orion R0.5M1. We hope to evolve this into priorities/plan for UX work in 0.5M2. == The landing/login experience == === what's on a...)

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This page summarizes a UX discussion about the state of Orion R0.5M1. We hope to evolve this into priorities/plan for UX work in 0.5M2.

The landing/login experience

what's on a non-logged in user landing page?

  • bug 368739
  • distinguishing between logged in and not logged in is hard. (Simon/Szymon)?
  • the actual content of this page for orionhub (Ken/Anton/Susan)?
  • this page needs to be able to create an account on Orion (Simon?) bug 372512

logged in user

  • logged in user landing page is something like a navigator, but ways to populate with content
    • bug 345622 (Susan/Ken)
    • revisit the top pane concept


  • the Orion Hub pages should be able to be branded with the branding, vs. is our existing "minimal branding"
  • bug 369427 (WHO?)

existing content review

  • Navigator History is useless as is
    • we instead need to remember the state you were in...what tabs open, where you were in the editor, etc.
    • {bug|373290}} (WHO?)
  • Simon likes the banner but misses having settings available in a link
    • We should have the user profile as a page in the Settings page, then the user link could go there
    • bug 376776 (Anton?)

Sidebar, sections, and outline navigation

  • settings is different than outliner is different than nav left hand pane
  • consistent navigation experience is important
  • styling issues as well, for example, categories are easier to hit with finger, why isn't editor outliner that way, for example?
  • get rid of the word categories
  • Need to work together to bring this together bug 368848 (Susan, Anton, Szymon, Libing)

Selection, cursoring, preview, navigate to, etc.

  • We are all over the map
  • In pages like search results where there is no "selection", the cursor emphasis looks like selection
  • search results uses left/right arrow that indicates hover activation, tooltip dialog arrow is in the wrong spot. Compare the look and feel of the hover to the one in git log for commits
  • Selection should go the full width, clicking on a bar should select it, clicking on its link navigates (in outliner, settings, nav, search results, etc.)
  • should use extended selection model instead of checkboxes (ctrl/shift click model) with space bar toggling
  • add a dotted line link emphasis for cursored item since hitting enter will go there (can keep it also blue for now)
  • get rid of checkboxes
  • {bug|359730} (Susan, Libing, Anton)

Positions of actions, chevron menu

  • appearance of actions in rows vs. at a toolbar. Why aren't we just using a good selection model and making things appear in the toolbar? The web is heading this way vs. all these inline actions.

Navigator look and feel

  • selection inconsistencies, etc. aside...look and feel needs improvement
  • left hand pane is ugly (settings sidebar is prettier, easier to hit)
  • top level left hand pane should just be for replacing navigator content (Susan)
    • revisit
    • if something appears on the left hand side in navigator, it should replace your nav contents, not take you to another page, so for files, a favorite would go there in the nav and make it the cursored emphasis.
    • Take the "add random links" out of favorites (use browser bookmarks)
    • get rid of saved searches (maybe search page shows this)
  • terminology of favorites (shortcuts, etc.)
  • should take a pass at aesthetics. Some of this can be done with sidebar styling, selection styling, etc. {bug|376360} (Anton, Susan, Linda) ?
  • Navigator is the landing page with an empty workspace providing some getting started stuff


  • It is weird that breadcrumbs are both links to navigator and things that scope pages (search results, git log)
    • Do we need another breadcrumby thing that scopes?
    • Or do we need another emphasis? it says (scoped by Xxx) in the breadcrumb
    • maybe the separators help show what's going on (they change?)
    • applying today's rules...use dotted line link emphasis on breadcrumbs that repopulate page content, use full line if you leave the page (not ideal)
  • This requires another conversation (Susan, McQ)

Overall thoughts

  • need to do more "try this site and give feedback on a running UI" vs. "release to master and get feedback someday"
  • build time in for this process
  • if we are doing a UX push for 0.5M2 we may be eliminating most new UI feature work

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