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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150616

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  • Mike, Curtis, Eric, Silenio, Grant, Anthony, Libing, Anton, John


  • Fixed several inferencing problems in Tern-based content assist
  • Updated type index files using Tern index format
  • Investigating fix for tooltip layout bug
  • Branched for Orion 9 release
  • Working on command for commenting out a region in HTML
  • Doing a small user study on developers who have never used Orion to get feedback
  • Refining prototype of progress notification during long operations
  • Tidying up Orion design repository and documenting instructions for working with Orion icon font
  • Measuring improvements with SPDY, seeing 5-25% speedup on page load times
  • Investigating approaches to preview page for refactoring support
  • Final testing on Orion 9
  • Showing progress message while tern worker is starting up

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