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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140612

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Upcoming Dates

End of June: Orion 6.0


  • Simon - working for Ecma TC39 on standardization of JSDoc and JSIDL. Adding badge notification to side menu, cleaning up related links and categories.
  • Anton - Refine workflows for new Git UI. Created new side menu icons.
  • Aidan (co-op student) - Fixing bugs
  • Elijah - Ran an Orion demo/propaganda session in Montreal. Web-component-izing search page, removing dead code. Integrate search onto editor page (time permitting).
  • Silenio/Bogdan - Released new Git UI for status/commits/log. Now re-designing the rest of the repository page. Aiming to get single-page workflow, selection-based, streamlined layout.
  • Grant - Major improvements/bug fixes to Markdown editor. It is now flawless.
  • Libing - Implementing GitHub rate limiting for June release. Performance testing.
  • Mark - Released changes for inheriting plugin settings. Working on a debug harness for Cloud Foundry apps that can be dynamically injected at deploy time.
  • Mike - Merge Orion parser changes into upstream esprima going well.
  • Curtis - Improvements to Mark Occurrences and outliner, targeting ObjectExpressions.
  • Gosia - Ran an Eclipse Day event. Dealing with Git problems.

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