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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140515


  • Simon - Adding notification capabilities to nav bar. Proposing a data url for images, need to stipulate image size some how. Server side refactoring, reduced dependencies on authentication. But there is authorization. In our war file trying to remove Jetty tag along. Also looking at session storage for Git actions. And Performance.
  • Grant - Markdown editor is released. Only horizontal orientation. Core functionality is being improved such as performance in blocks with images. Also working with Syncing the two panes. Other things need to be done. Will also look at students contributions for other language styling.
  • Elijah - Working on search page UI redesign. Replaced file type selector with pattern selector. Bug fixes as well for drag and drop. Project renaming fix. Adding multiple directories for scoped search. Need to get to componentized search.
  • John - 2500 unique users in the last month at OrionHub so it's reasonably active. (Ken checked 28144 total accounts). Need to ensure we're pushing to OrionHub more frequently.
  • Mark - Fixed performance bug that impacted multiple browser tabs. Trying to figure out Sauce Labs and Maven and CloudFoundry together to run our client tests. We might also be able to leverage Silenium tests since Sauce supports that as well. Will then finish porting our tests to Mocha.
  • Ken - Looking to integrate a change for Arduino development on Orionode.
  • Bogdan - Released massive Git refactoring. Working on the new Git Status Page and also more changes in the Repository page.
  • Anthony - Lots of odds and ends. server migrated to new metadata. Fixing up the terminal for the Docker work. Feature clean up and then work on the new server hosted outside of the Foundation. Also ran the Eclipse tools for simultaneous release and logged bugs. License consistency, missing files, etc. Will fix on the fly.
  • Libing - Blob downloader is in for the read only widget. Want to look at js zip to allow someone to download artifacts completely client side which means it will work on the read-only widget.
  • Silenio - DBCS bug fixing along with the Bogdan work. Also looking into supporting (in Firefox) the ability to switch content type when reading files.
  • Michael - Found issue with recovery. Added content assist in doc nodes.
  • Curtis - Waiting on CQ for HTML parser. (Mark looking for compression library) Will be looking at CSS outliner, and improving the preference page.
  • Anton - Git Workflow mockups. Would like to investigate bug integration into the Git workflow. This might replace the "link to".

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