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Orion/Meeting minutes/20140327

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John, Silenio, Anton, Elijah, McQ, Grant, Simon, Bogdan, Anthony, Libing, Mark, Mike R, Curtis


  • Master is still frozen, we are trying to stabilize before switching to two week iteration cadence
  • Upgraded to latest JGit 3.3 + SSO patch
  • Setting up virtual docker environment to figure out how to scale it up to many users where each Orion user has separate container
    • Containers will be created on demand when needed
    • Initially expose CF commands and npm/node commands
    • Added ability to expose ports within container and connect externally (eg, browser)
  • Now building Orion against Luna M6
  • Now publishing Orion Maven-based builds to Orion download page
  • Fixed server test failures in Maven-based build
  • Cleaning up Orion plugin settings to be consistent
  • Splitting ide.css into multiple pieces
  • Need a better packaging story for stand-alone components such as editor and compare editor
    • Currently user has to download several files separately
    • Need a single zip or other consumable package format to make them easier to consume
  • Node server: hard for people to reuse it within a larger web app
    • Fixing bugs to make it easier to consume as part of a bigger app
    • Investigating ability to customize parts of Orion node server without hacking it
  • Merging support for error tolerant parsing into latest Esprima
    • Discussing with Esprima team on how to integrate those changes upstream
  • Continuing work on moving esprima parsing into web worker, need to make progress without disrupting master
  • Improving editor APIs to make them easier to use, easier to customize the editor
  • Doing design exploration on how to continue evolving Orion design and user experience
  • Blogged on how to use Orion for development of static web pages using GitHub pages
  • Integrated scoping widget into search pages to make it easier to do scoped search
  • Big improvement to syntax highlighting performance, especially on nested styles
  • Investigating an improved experience for markdown editing+rendering
  • Fixing bugs in type inferencing in JS tools
  • Investigating TypeScript to JavaScript compiler for type indexes
  • Improving content assist handling on union types (param that is either String or Object)
  • Working on creating a separate Orion plugin for HTML tools
  • Attended Gerrit user summit, lots of cross-pollination of ideas between two communities

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