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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130411

M1 build will be likely Monday due to some pending changes and testing over the weekend. Create HTML5 project is not working


  • Carolyn - Maybe accessibility fix going in for M1
  • Mark - Nothing left for M1. Fixed build problems with the new Require.js and the CSS is not minified. But not stopping us.
  • Anton - Will look at why Projects are failing for M1. Making an editor page that combines the navigator and editor together.
  • Grant - Owe John N&N items for Shell.
  • Libing - Nothing left - Wiki page for describing the compare build. Fixed url for debug on node. NPM install on current working folder if you have no node_modules dir already.
  • Ken - Working on Node.js file problems (copying large directories and concatenated directory names)
  • Silenio - Finished up support multiple editing places in linked mode. Added support for templates in content assist and rewrote in terms of that.
  • Bogdan - working on how to support key bindings and specifically what we'd need for vi bindings. Still early but in progress.
  • John - Doing N&N blog post. Working in a branch for server refactoring won't be in M1.

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