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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121004

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  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Susan
  • Gosia
  • Szymon
  • Simon
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • Carolyn
  • Silenio
  • Ken
  • Anton
  • John
  • Mark
  • McQ


Final Day of RC1. Any changes need to be committed because tonights build is RC1 candidate. Thanksgiving Monday in Canada so we'd like to push RC1 out to OrionHub Friday. RC2 needs a bug for everything committed and a review by another committer. Any new features should go through Ken or Simon. RC2 will be done next Friday. RC3 needs committer and Ken/Simon +1.

At RC1 we plan on wiping the server and run the old one at another port. So they can migrate it. That way we'll start with a reasonable set of usernames and email addresses.

There are 4 libraries expecting to ship in 1.0. GCLI refresh, Esprima refresh, Persona client library and Doctrine. Once approval for Doctrine we will have to make a call for whether to include the feature. Andrew has tests ready to go.

Need slide ware for Weds for release review (Ken).

Proposing that our release numbers will likely just be incremental. We could do similar to eclipse train, major releases in June. However we've just decided to bump major numbers until such a time is reached where we have real API stability where the major release numbers might mean more. Plan is still to release every 4 months.


  • Andy - Today or tomorrow hopefully Scripted will be announced.
  • Andrew - Cleaning up codebase for Scripted and waiting for Doctrine CQ to go through. (Simon) Have talked to Eclipse Legal and are pushing hard.
  • Susan - Error reporting, progress reporting. Timeouts on Save, etc (Simon) move to RC2.
  • Gosia - Finishing bugs on Git credentials with password.
  • Szymon - Looking at how to split Git support out to allow multiple SCM types. Plan to look at the git log compare two commits issue. Likely will require a server change. If we move to Gitlog2 it also needs to be fixed.
  • Simon - Had been working on storage but change too risky so it's being moved out to 2.0. Now adding support for enable/disable plugins on the plugins page without having to uninstall it. Default plugins need to look a little differently because you cannot disable or uninstall them. (Anton) 2.0 would be when? Likely end of February. (Simon) looking at file system JSON having relative URLs
  • Libing - Accessibility issues in compare editor. Also working on search completion extensibility.
  • Grant - Multisegment paths done, renamed to Shell, doc updated. Minification failing because of GCLI use of "char". IE9 testing and entering bugs.
  • Carolyn - Looking overall at Accessibility at the moment on the navigator. JAWS and NVDA behave differently. There are some selection and navigation issues. (Susan) tied up with our cursoring implementation and DIV in a parent. We might need to be putting focus on sub-DOM elements. Going to enter bugs on the issues I've found thus far.
  • Silenio - Fixing bugs in event ordering. Added phases to events. Pre and Post. Also fixed some drawing bugs and Mac for dictation. For RC2 still need to work on wrapping and performance. Key Assist doesn't always put everything up. Perhaps it should have a section to show all commands. Can people try apply patch.
  • Ken - Working on blog posts, EclipseCon, UI issues (login for example)
  • Anton - Persona and UX walkthrough so coding that. UX reviews for the shell and find in editor. Source Code blog post seeing some good hits. So this seems interesting. Also setting a Google+ account.
  • John - Made changes out of UX call. Disabling implicit account creation done. Need an account, please register. Still adding code to ensure email accounts are unique. Fixed SFTP on OrionHub. Documentation updates, working on User Doc.
  • Mark - Also working on bugs and Persona. Waiting on CQ to release. Fixed some problems on content assist. Still working on error reporting when server is down and saving.
  • McQ - Nothing.

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