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Orion/Meeting minutes/20111201


  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Susan
  • John
  • Silenio
  • Felipe
  • Anton
  • Simon
  • Mark
  • Libing
  • Grant
  • John


  • Added support for maximizing the content area of a page
    • To be polished in M2
  • Looking into UI refresh for 0.4
    • In particular information layout in the header
    • Improving cross-page navigation, esp with Git pages
  • Working on progress reporting
    • Separate page for displaying progress for ongoing tasks
    • Ability to keep the connection alive longer to reduce round trips for progress reporting
  • Working on support for Git patch workflows in Orion
  • Investigating use of OSLC delegated UI
  • Grease-monkey script for adding "clone in Orion" command to bugzilla, github, and
  • Looking into setting different fonts in Orion editor
  • Starting to work on preference page
    • Declarative pref display based on JSON representation of prefs
  • No way to upload a single file is a pain
  • Enabled drag and drop in Orion editor
    • Had to work around some issues in Firefox
  • Improved horizontal scroll performance - Firefox and Chrome are both fast now
  • Working on improving performance of editing very long lines
  • Now testing Firefox 8.0.1
  • Internet Explorer 9 tests now passing
  • Looking at adopting Jetty 8. Maybe for M1, or may have to defer to M2
  • Sorting of search results on server now in place
    • Can toggle sorting by name or location and change sort order
    • Using flat search results orientation by default
  • Can now scope search down to a folder by clicking on a location in search results
  • Working on replace all, but not for M1
  • Did some work on specifying content types
    • Now using content types for editor association
    • For M1 looking at refactoring other services to use content types
  • Enabled JavaScript lint validation within HTML pages
  • Looking at minifying CodeMirror plugin to improve load performance
  • Working on Orion article and whitepaper
  • Preferences component pulls in too many dependencies
    • Working to make it more consumable so people can use service registry without pulling in too many dependencies
  • Optimizing diff writer

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