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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110526

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  • Mike Rennie
  • Libing
  • Mark Macdonald
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Felipe Heidrich
  • McQ Wilson
  • Grant Gayed
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Susan McCourt
  • Silenio Quarti
  • Dean Roberts
  • Gosia Janczarska
  • John Arthorne


  • Need to wrap up development by beginning of next week so we can stabilize for the release
  • Working on search infrastructure in the editor
  • Investigating a problem with creating editor on a DOM tree with a hidden parent
  • Not moving the editor to RequireJS right now, to avoid forcing consumers to depend on RequireJS
  • Move to RequireJS being released today
  • Discussion on whether we need a "clean" command to discard all locally cached orion state. Useful during development as we are heavily changing things. See bug 339605.
  • Finalizing changes on CrossFire debug protocol
    • Adding ability to disable/enable console logging across browsers
    • Working on CrossFire test suites
  • Added console RCP application for the Mac so user knows the server is alive
  • Added Chrome 12 to test suites
  • Some discussion on when to run builds, how often to promote them
  • Self-hosting is broken whenever there are server changes that affect server API. When this happens we need to update to match.
  • Missing a widget displaying Git log in order to create Boris' new status page mockup.
    • We are not likely to get this in place for 0.2 release
  • Working on incremental damage/repair in syntax highlighting
  • Ability to import/export a site not likely to make it for 0.2 release
  • Looking at FF4 Dojo 1.6 problems with focus nodes
  • Integrated keybinding story for command framework
    • Can now associate a key binding with any command
    • Some bugs related to browser and dojo locked in mortal battle for supremacy over key bindings

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