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Orion/Documentation/User Guide/Tasks/Working with Git

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Working with Git

Cloning a Repository

  1. Go to the Repositories page
  2. Click Clone Repository in the tool bar.
  3. Type or paste in the URL for the repository in the prompt.
    1. By default, a folder will be created using the name of the Git repository. Press Enter or click Submit to get the default folder.
    2. Click the <More> button in the prompt if you wish to provide a different name or clone the repository into an already existing folder.
    3. Press the Esc key to cancel the clone if you change your mind.

Clone a repository

Committing Changes

  1. Go to the Git Status page
  2. Click on each change to compare the changes and stagethem.
  3. Commit the staged changes to your repository.

Fetching and Merging from a Remote

You may fetch and merge from a remote from a number of different Orion pages.

Pull a repository

  • Go to the Repository detail page.
    • Click Pull in the toolbar to pull the respository.
    • Click Fetch in the Commits section to fetch the remote tracking branch for the current branch. Click Merge to merge with the local branch.
    • Locate a particular branch in the Branches section and click Fetch to fetch that branch. Click Merge to merge with your active branch.
  • Go to the Git Status page|Git Status page and click on the Fetch and Merge buttons shown in the Git Status page#Commits area|Commits Area on the page.

Pushing to a Remote

Working with Branches

Rebasing Changes

Making a Patch

Applying a Patch

Finding a Commit

Preparing a Code Contribution for Review

Reviewing a Code Contribution

Storing Credentials

Comparing Changes in the Repository History

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