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Orion/Documentation/User Guide/Reference/Greasemonkey scripts

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Greasemonkey scripts

With Greasemonkey scripts, clonning a git repository into Orion is now even easier then it used to be.

To install a script of your choice in Firefox, you need to install Greasemonkey Add-on first, and then follow the script "Install" link. For Chrome, following the "Install" link should be enough.


The script adds a button to Github repo landing page. When pressed, the menu with various Orion instances listed occurs. By clicking on the OrionHub or the new browser tab with Orion will be opened. There is one more additional field to type there address of another Orion instance. To start cloning action simply click it when the address is typed.



The scripts converts git URLs at the bottom of a repo page into links. When Orion instance is selected by one of the radio buttons, after clicking one of the URLs, you're taken to Orion with cloning dialog already populated and ready to be started.



The script adds a link to the bug header. When clicked, you're taken to with cloning dialog already populated and ready to be started. The link is added only for limited number of components within Orion and Platform projects.


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