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For the user guide, we have two main sections:

  1. Tasks. Each section describes the workflow for a very specific task ("copy a file", "export a directory", "clone a repository", etc). These tasks can be cross-cutting across pages or not specific to any page (e.g., global search can be started from anywhere). The idea is that this section is useful for people who know want they want to do, but don't know what page to use in Orion to do it. It also tends to work well when people google search because they are often searching for something very specific like this.
  2. Reference. In this section, we have one documentation page for each Orion page. They can provide any specific information about the structure of that page. Don't repeat the tasks content here, but instead add links at the bottom to related tasks that can be done on that page.

Pages to review

Read through the content, verify that information is still correct. Update screenshots where necessary. Keep screen shots as closely cropped as possible to reduce chance of them becoming outdated again. Mention any new features related to that content.

User Guide

Tasks Section:

  • Convert some material from Git pages in reference section into tasks. Goal to get task coverage for at least most basic git tasks (clone a repo, commit a change, fetch/merge).

Reference Section:

Any new pages missing from this list???

Developer Guide

  • Browse jsdoc and ensure it looks reasonable
  • Simple plugin example


  • Update Orion/FAQ
  • Prune stale information from Orion wiki landing page.

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