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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Orion/How Tos/Installing A Plugin Installing a plug-in]]
* [[Orion/How Tos/Installing A Plugin|Installing a plugin]]
* eclipse.PluginProvider JSdoc
* eclipse.PluginProvider JSdoc
[[Category:Orion/How To]]
[[Category:Orion/How To]]

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This page explains how to write a plugin for Orion. It's intended for developers who want to extend Orion's functionality.

What's a plugin?

A plugin is basically just an HTML file that knows how to connect to the Orion client. A plugin can be hosted on any web server. Plugins are written in HTML and JavaScript.

In order to be useful, a plugin should provide one or more services. When Orion needs a service contributed by a plugin, it loads the plugin inside an IFrame.

Orion currently supports a small set of extension points — service types that plugins can contribute to, in order to customize the client and add more functionality. These include:

  • Adding more commands to the editor toolbar
  • Adding more commands to the navigator view
  • Adding content assist for new file types
  • Adding syntax highlighting rules for new file types

What you need

Every plugin must include the following JavaScript dependencies:

The easiest way to satisfy these is to get orion-plugin.js, which is a minified file that includes both of them. You can then copy-paste its contents into a <script> tag in your plugin, or load it externally like so:

<script src="orion-plugin.js">




Here are some existing plugins we've written. View their source code to see how they work:
Contributes a "Beautify JS" button to the editor toolbar by using the editorAction service type.
Contributes an "Uglify JS" button to the editor toolbar byusing the editorAction service type.
Contributes several sample actions to the Orion navigator by using the fileCommands service type.
Contributes syntax highlighting support for HTML files by using the ISyntaxHighlight service type.

See also

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