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Orion/Demo Script

Welcome to Orion. This demo script will help highlight some of the existing features of Orion. You can download and install Orion on your local machine or access the Orion Demo Server.

  1. Login on a local installation using the username: test and password: test. Both username and password are case sensitive. If you are using the Orion Demo Server you need to have been created an account on the server. At this time we are only doing a small number of invitations to access the demo server.
  2. The first thing you will see are two directories containing the source code of Orion. You can navigate down through the directory hierarchy. Navigate to org.eclipse.e4.webeditor/web/js and open the editor.js file. This will open a JavaScript editor.
  3. Notice the speed of the JavaScript editor. Scroll to the bottom of the file. It is close to 4000 lines of code. Copy and paste the entire code base a number of times. Scroll up through the code and you should notice the editor performance remains very fast. If you want save the file, using the save icon in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Orion is a web tool that follows the idioms of the web. You will notice the url for the file is something you can share with others. The back button will also work, so use the back button to return to the root. You can now open a new file in a separate tab. From the root navigate to org.eclipse.e4.webeditor/web/js. Use the right button to open a submenu that allows you to open the editor.js file in a separate tab.
  5. Integration with other web tools is an important philosophy of Orion. We have already integrated with JSLint. From the JavaScript editor showing editor.js, you will noticed a decorator on the left side of the editor. Click that to see the outline view of the editor.js file. Click on the different outline components to navigate through the file.
  6. The Orion server also allows for integration. Apache Lucene search has been integrated into Orion. In the upper right there is a search box. Search on 'breadcrumbs'. This does a textual search on the term. You can save the search.

Future integrations:

  • Git/ Github
  • Firebug
  • Code completion

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