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This project contains the following files:

  • cdm.owl - an approximation in RDF/OWL of the "meta" concepts of the Context Data Model 1.1
  • claims-burton.n3 - 2008 Burton group interop demo schema
  • claims-pcard.owl - IMI/infocard personal claims schema
  • Higgins.owl 1.1 - higgins schema - base ontology that all Context's schemas must be based on to conform to Context Data Model 1.1
  • icard.owl - schema for IMI/infocards
  • mapping.owl - schema-mapping functions schema
  • PDM-UML-class-diagram.png - UML class diagram for PDM 1.1
  • persona.owl - Persona Data Model 1.1 schema
  • rcard.owl - Relationship card schema

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