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The IdAS Registry is a project within the Identity Attribute Service. It implements Context Discovery and is part of the Context Discovery Components.

The IdASRegistry is responsible for managing context factories available in the Identity Attribute Service. Specifically, the following services are offered:

  • Initialize itself from an XRDS document. This can come from a local file, from XRI resolution or from other sources. Each service endpoint in that XRDS document describes a context factory and includes one or more <Type> elements, which describe the ContextTypes that can be opened by the context factory.
  • Discover, instantiate and configure a context factory based on a ContextId. This is the core service of IdASRegistry.
  • Discover, instantiate and configure a context factory based on a context type (a String).
  • Enumerate all registered context factories.
  • Add an already instantiated and configured context factory to the registry. This is a secondary service and in most cases should not be necessary.

The IdASRegistry has dependencies on the following projects:

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