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{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} The org.eclipse.higgins.icard.registry manages a set of I-Card Providers. These in turn manage a class of I-Cards


  • Status: first code in M0.6



  • Overall control over import/export operations to/from serialized card data streams
  • Import:
    • Opens a serialized card data stream (e.g. .crd or .crds or others) and decrypts the contents of the stream into an XML document
    • Polls all available I-Card Providers asking each in turn if it canImport a particular serialized i-card
  • Export a set of cards:
    • Opens a cata data stream, polls each provider asking if it canExport to this stream format
    • Manages overall encryption of the data stream
  • Supports an interator, getCards, to allow clients to walk through all cards managed by all I-Card Providers
  • Manages the process of creating and deleting I-Cards via I-Card Providers



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