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== Details ==
== Details ==
* Status: Available since 1.1
* Status: Available since 1.1M2
* Language: C++
* Language: C++
* Packaging: exe (windows only)
* Packaging: exe (windows only)

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  • Provides a common API to Identity Selectors
  • Provides UI to change default selector
  • Exposes API for developers to create connectors for their own Identity Selector


  • Status: Available since 1.1M2
  • Language: C++
  • Packaging: exe (windows only)


  • none


Higgins Selector Selector is responsible for:

  • Accepting I-Card token request from browser plug-in
  • Dispatching token request to registered selector through selector connector
  • Returning token from registered selector to browser
  • Registering a default selector from available selectors

Components this component depends on are:

Used By

Partial list of solutions that use this component


Adobe AIR Selector solution

Building Higgins Selector Selector

Installing Higgins Selector Selector

Higgins Selector Selector download

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