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Orbit Minutes 080129


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Bundle Naming

Chris has a case where there is a bundle that is a release candidate that he would like to release to Orbit. How should it be released? What should the branch be named? What should the bundle version be?

Europa maintenance

Anyone need anything (in the form of an R-build, with small change)?

Eclipse 3.4 M5

The Eclipse Platform 3.4 M5 milestone is fast approaching. Are we ready?

Date to promote preliminary I-build: ?

Date to promote an S build for Ganymede M5 projects: ?

Source Bundles

The Platform is ready to consume the new format of source bundles. Changes are coming down the pipe in Orbit...

"Uses" Clause in Bundle Manifests

There are currently some performance issues and some bugs in the resolver in the areas related to using the "uses" clause in bundle manifests. These issues will not be solved for the Eclipse Platform 3.4 so it is not recommended that bundles in Orbit use the "uses" clause for this release.

Next Meeting

  • TBD

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