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Orbit Minutes 070424


  • David Williams
  • Hubert Leung
  • Christian Damus
  • Kim Moir
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • DJ Houghton


Review action items from last call

IP Log info

DJ to give an update on Orbit IP Log info web page generation. (student project)

  • Good progress being made.
  • Should have initial version on the web site by tomorrow afternoon.
  • Will create ip_logs sub-dir in the releng project for the files.
  • Have updated the wiki page with a template that most people can use.
  • Will send email to mailing list when the template is ready.


DJ will rename to org.apache.ant.

  • Rename is done.
  • Also released v1.7.0 to Orbit.
  • Kim ran a Platform test build consuming v1.7.0 and it didn't work.
  • It might have something to do with the qualifier. (it was added in orbit)
  • Action: DJ to investigate cause of failure
  • We would like to keep the qualifier in the version if at all possible.
  • Problem was with the entry that adds to the classpath for building the ant tasks contributed by the org.eclipse.ant.core bundle. It was assuming that Ant was being checked out and contained ../org.apache.ant. They were changed to use platform: and they work ok now. All of the other bundles which contribute Ant tasks in the SDK already used this format.

Milestone week

Reminder we are going to promote to a stable build on Wednesday of this week.

  • Milestone is tomorrow.
  • There are some minor changes with the WTP bundles that will need a re-spin next week.
  • We should do a diff of the map files to ensure that only those bundles have changed for the re-spin.
  • Note: we use the CVS tags as the qualifier for bundle versions so they should have the same name.


David to give an update of where we are with splitting up the Xerces APIs bundle.

  • Work in progress.
  • It is hard to figure out the differences between the spec and the interfaces included with Xerces.
  • Hopes to get things sorted out by the WTP milestone.
  • Action: David to create wiki page with summary
  • Perhaps include a readme in the individual bundles so people know what to consume/depend on.

Modification of 3rd party bundles

Jeff to give an update on where we are with packing third party bundles.

  • Jeff unable to attend meeting.
  • Action: Jeff to talk to David and send email to the mailing list with summary

Other discussion topics

Other bundle updates

Christian is finished updating his bundles and they will be included in the next build. bug 183595

Bugs Blocking Orbit

There are a few bugs in the platform which are serious enough to be blocking Orbit.

  • 163746, 183608, 176183 - if we have 2 extension locations we only install to 1 but have probs if people disable that one and we are using bundles from it
  • If bundles are shared across locations then we see red Xs in the Manage Configs immediately
  • This used to work before in callisto because shared bundles had their own features.
  • Action: DJ/Pascal to investigate
  • Action: DJ/Pascal to come up with a plan/proposal
  • Should a recommendation be don't use multiple locations anymore?

Next Meeting

May 15, 2007 at 1000 EDT, Agenda: Orbit Minutes 070515

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