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Orbit Minutes 070109


  • DJ Houghton
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Christian Damus
  • Kim Moir
  • Hubert Leung
  • Jeff McAffer
  • Tom Watson
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • David Williams


  • Review action items from last call
    • Jeff to setup another call in three weeks.
    • David and Bjorn to setup the Orbit build.
      Fairly good progress. 10 or so bundles being collected up. There are some issues in how things are structured (e.g., getting Jasper prereqs).
  • Other discussion topics
    • Repository for built versions of bundles. This topic has come up a couple times recently in the mailing list and generated lots of discussion. In the call we had considerable discussion around what to do and the structure (if any) to use. There seemed to be a direction towards something like OBR in that it is repository format neutral. Simon agreed to look at this in his spare time. It was noted later that resolving this issue might address some of the build related issues...
    • Hubert asked if we need to have features for the bundles. The motivation here was more for shipping in Europa. TPTP uses some "common" features from WTP (e.g., Xerces). These features were available in Callisto but WTP has been reorganized to not have a separate Xerces feature. So would we include such a feature in Orbit. The goal of Orbit is to consolidate the bundling effort not so much the packaging/shipping effort. We do not intend to change anything about how projects ship their third party libs, just how those libs are bundled. So the summary of this point was that for shipping purposes, if the Europa community can identify a small set of logically interesting features that are commonly useful, it may be reasonable for Orbit to manage/ship them.
    • David Williams talked about issues in using PDE build for building things like Jasper which requires other bundles. The big question is how to get the prereq bundles into the build system. See the repository discussion above.
    • David Williams also raised an important scheduling issue. Namely, what is the plan for Europa? We need a list of JARs to be done for M5 and M6. Then the community can point out issues.
      David will make wiki pages for M5 and M6 and the community will add their libs to the schedule.

Open Action Items

  • Jeff to schedule another call in 3 weeks on January 30.
  • David Williams to setup scheduling wiki page
  • Simon to look at an OBR fetch provider for PDE Build

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