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Orbit FAQ

What is Orbit?

Orbit is a project designed to be a repository for third party libraries that are approved for use in Eclipse projects.

Does Orbit replace or affect the Eclipse Foundation legal process?

NO! Orbit holds the output of the legal process but projects must still follow request permision to use

What libraries are managed in Orbit

The complete list is of bundles available from Orbit is on the Orbit download page. As the project is just getting

underway, here is a list of the bundles that will be included in Orbit.

Library Bundle Version
Ant org.apache.ant 1.6.5
Axis org.apache.axis 1.3.0
Batik org.apache.batik 1.6.0
Batik PDF org.apache.batik.pdf 1.0 beta2
Cactus org.apache.cactus 1.7.2
Commons Logging org.apache.commons_logging 1.0.4
Jasper  ??  ??
Jetty org.mortbay.jetty  ??
Junit org.junit 3.8.1
Junit 4 org.junit4 4.1.0
Log4j org.apache.jakarta_log4j 1.2.8
Lucene org.apache.lucene 1.4.3
MX4J  ?? 1.1.1
OSGi services API 3.1.100
Servlet API org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.api 2.3 and 2.4
SSH com.jcraft.jsch 0.1.28
Tomcat org.eclipse.tomcat 4.1.30
UDDI4J org.uddi4j 2.0.4
WSDL4J org.wsdl4j 1.4.0
WSIL4J org.apache.wsil4j 1.0.0
Xerces org.apache.xerces 2.8.0

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