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The OMCW (Open Model CourseWare) component is an Eclipse/GMT component which has been initiated by the ATLAS Team, INRIA. The aim of the GMT project is to produce a set of prototypes in the area of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). The OMCW project acts in this way by providing a set of teaching and learning artifacts to the modeling community.


Open Model CourseWare (OMCW) aims to provide a set of teaching and learning artifacts to the modeling community. The Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) approach suggests using transformational and generative techniques to produce running systems from very abstract models. MDE is still in its infancy and will probably much evolve in the coming years: as a consequence, the approach has yet to be made popular. This is why it is interesting to provide several levels of access to the corresponding courseware. Following the model courseware that was initially contributed to the ECESIS project, the teaching material intended to be made available in OMCW will address several different maturity levels and several needs for understanding the advantages, characteristics, and applicability conditions of MDE.

Available Resources

The Eclipse/GMT Open Model CourseWare component currently provides a set of MDE training resources. These available resources are organized in 17 different chapters and are subjects of the Eclipse Public License (EPL 1.0).

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