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== Documentation  ==
== Documentation  ==
(link to proposal, minutes from Jul 23 meeting)
See minutes from Jul 23 meeting [ pdf]
[[Category:Eclipse IWG]]
[[Category:Eclipse IWG]]
[[Category:Super Community]]
[[Category:Super Community]]

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OpenPASS logo.png

Release Planning Process


Input for release planning (draft epics)

This is to collect to collect input on a higher level, e. g. ideas for epics & user stories of the next releases.

The actual planning is done in the OpenPASS Tuleap Tracker.



Scope of minor releases

  • v0.6
  • v0.7
  • ...

Website creation

Ralph Müller offered to work with a smaller group to create some initial / meaningful content for the website. This could happen during the summer vacation period.

Website group

  • Ralph Müller (Eclipse)
  • Jan Dobberstein (Daimler)
  • Katharina Findling (BMW)
  • TBD (ITK, VW GoA, TÜV Süd, Toyota)


Template for IWG pages, Link tree..

Available material

e. g. papers, images from presentations


See minutes from Jul 23 meeting pdf

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