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24 June 2017


  • Robert Hilbrich (RH), DLR
  • Michael Behrisch (MB), DLR
  • Mathias Höhne (MH), DLR
  • Gregor Lämmel (GL), DLR
  • Erik Newton (EN), rFpro
  • Christoph Sommer (CS), University Paderborn
  • Marek Heinrich (MH), for ZIP
  • Reiner Gaspar (RG), Bosch
  • Michele Segate (MS), University of Trento
  • Robert Protzmann (RP), Fraunhofer


  • As there are no objections, meeting minutes will be put on the website


  • EN: One customer is interested in pedestrians + bicycles. Information regarding OpenMobility will be forwarded to the customer.
  • MH: ZIP's membership application in the Eclipse Foundation is in process, currently no support needed.

Recent Events

demonstrate SUMO.

  • There will be a workshop on 16 August with VW at DLR to discuss prospects of SUMO+VEINS+VSimRTI

Status: Eclipse SUMO


  • CS will develop an adapter, which will take about 2-3 months.
  • CS will send an overview about the intended work to RH for publication on the wiki.
  • RP will provide a coupling of VSimRTI with SUMO and Omnet as Eclipse project. He will send an overview about this to RH for publication on the wiki.

Status: Plexe

  • MS agreed to sign a contributor license agreement so Plexe can be hosted in the SUMO project repository.

OpenMobility Working Group

  • We have a name (OpenMobility) and a subtitle (Advancing Simulation Environments for Transport Applications)
  • Mailing list will be provided soon by Ralph Mueller
  • Next steps: DLR will make a proposal for out mission and vision. Proposal will be discussed in the next meeting.

Next meeting

  • 14 July at 10am CET.
  • We are looking for an alternative to Lync. Everyone please check if you can provide WebEx or similar, otherwise next meeting will be on Lync again.

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