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openMobility Telco (Jun, 4 2019)


  • Zoltan Baksa (BOSCH)
  • Jiao Li (BOSCH)
  • Andreas Riexinger (BOSCH)
  • Jakob Kaths (Vector Informatik / ex. TESIS GmbH)
  • Robert Protzmann (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Karl Hübner (Fraunhofer FOKUS)
  • Michael Behrisch (DLR)
  • Robert Hilbrich (DLR)
  • Christoph Sommer (CCS Labs, Uni Paderborn)
  • Ralph Müller (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Angelika Wittek (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Lara Codeca (Eurecom / Trinity College)

Feedback to Foundation Event

  • Everyone is curious and looking forward to contribute the best they can

Approving of previous meeting minutes

  • Meeting minutes from May, 13 meetup are approved without any modification
    • Charter change regarding the period is already online

News from associated projects

Eclipse SUMO

  • Documentation is going to be moved from the wiki to markdown files as part of the source code
    • is a prerequisite for leaving incubation status
    • should be done by the end of August

News from the Eclipse Universe

  • Eclipse Con Europe
    • More info & Call for presentations: [1]
    • Andreas Riexinger will probably submit and attend (in a different context)
    • starts again with a community day on 20th of October
    • FOKUS and Vector check for availability
    • Bosch can also attend
    • Full papers maybe different for everyone
    • Face-to-face meeting will happen in the context of community day
    • DLR+Bosch (Robert+Andy) will present openMobility+openADx together
      • ask openGenesis whether they want to join
  • openADx Foundation Event
    • When? 25.6.
    • Where? Leinfelden-Echterdingen
    • Invitation: [2]
    • not all participation agreements signed yet, but a lot on the way
    • Logo is ready
    • Michael Behrisch (DLR) is going to participate

“Real Work”

  • Infrastructure
    • Homepage [3] with GitHub Repository [4] (for general info, news, ...)
    • Wiki (for meeting minutes and work-related information)
    • Tuleap [5] for managing user stories and tasks
    • GitHub Repo for the openMobility Working Group is still in progress (discussion about committer rights)
  • Next steps: Definition of user stories
    • Feedback:
      • there are already several ideas at different partners which can be provided
      • Those can be extensions of the ideas presented at the kickoff
      • no need to be perfect here
    • [Task] for everybody: get an Eclipse Account to be able to work in the openMobility wiki
    • [Task] for everybody: get an account in Tuleap by logging in at [6]
      • no need to have an ECA for Tuleap
      • signing the CLA is still highly recommended
      • Administrators (Robert, Micha, or Angelika) need to activate new accounts
    • [Task] for every consumer in the working group: please define one or more user stories to missing and needed functionality in Tuleap ("Trackers" - "User Stories" - "Submit new artifact")


  • Committer representative election
    • two candidates for two places: Christoph Sommer, Michael Behrisch
    • Election via mailing list, starting latest next week
  • PR material
    • funding for flyer / stickers / buttons available?
    • Vector and Bosch check for funding
    • good experience at Vector with postcards with QR codes

Working Group Growth

Status: Acquisition of new members

  • Vector contacted several firms, no reaction yet
  • Eclipse visited Volkswagen
  • Lara Codeca will ask at Trinity College Dublin

New openMobility Eclipse Projects / Code contributions

  • VSimRTI still shapes the initial commit
    • more news in four weeks
  • Python Parking Monitoring Library for SUMO under EPL
    • not an Eclipse project by now

Any other Business

  • ...

openMobility Eclipse Working Group Kickoff (May, 13 2019)

The meeting was organized by the DLR as Eclipse Foundation Member and held under the Eclipse Bylaws.

Participants and their main interests in openMobility / further development

  • Alexander Hafner, Jannes Iatropoulos; TU Braunschweig
    • Coupling SUMO / Silab
  • Vincent Latzko, TU Dresden
    • Sneak Peek, Network Connectivity
    • Flow library user
  • Jakob Kaths, TESIS / Vector
    • OpenDrive / OpenScenario(?) support
    • real time capabilities / libsumo
  • Robert Protzmann, Max Neubauer, Karl Hübner; Fraunhofer FOKUS / DCAITI
    • make VSimRTI open source
    • Standardization / Certification / Automated Testing
  • Matthias Höhne, Robert Hilbrich, Michael Behrisch, Laura Bieker; DLR
  • Gerald Richter, AIT
    • SUMO user, wants to participate, looking for a way to get more involved
  • Marc Semrau, VW
    • VW long time user
  • Alexey Preskenis, Modulnye Systemy Uprawlenija (MSU)
    • Full stack traffic control systems in Krasnojarsk
    • web based interface for SUMO
    • ease collaboration
  • Angelika Wittek, Ralph Müller; Eclipse Foundation
  • Zoltan Baksa, Jiao Li (follow up for Rainer Gasper); Bosch
    • Full city simulation based on Real World Data
    • Effects of traffic on power train (cosimulation)
    • prediction of traffic effects
    • workflow of common building of a city scenario
    • tool help on building the map
    • contribution in python tooling
    • build ADAS systems
    • need features for hybrid powertrain
    • effects in city wide simulation
    • build your own network connection systems
    • Quality management

Discussing participation possibilities

  • Working together in Research projects is always possible
    • Eclipse can do dissemination here
  • Example OpenGenesis
    • at least 150 person days per member / 40000 Euro
  • Example openPASS
    • at least 100 person days
  • for participation you need to be at least Eclipse Solution member
  • Ralph explaining commons
    • clear vision
    • clear rules
    • progress monitoring
    • sanctions / conflict resolutions
    • self determination
  • SUMO as commons
    • needed: developers and funding
    • list of wanted features
    • do not ignore base funding / technical debt
  • sharing / common funding is the main goal
  • direct orders are still possible
  • funding is decided on year by year
    • should be enough to do some "real work"
  • for research orgs there is little access to free funding
  • still in incubation / setup phase
  • in the next few weeks decide on structure
  • after the incubation year decide how and whether the WG will continue

Administrative Topics (meeting continues with fewer participants now in German)

  • Task for this year: Find a sustainable funding model
  • Wish: Have a successful Working group also after this one year
  • It is one of the tasks of the founding members to find more / new members especially to have more paying members than just Bosch
    • Aim: at least 1 (better 4) OEMs in the Working group
    • Ongoing talks with Daimler and VW
    • Wish: Every member should consider acting as a multiplicator for the WG. Every further member reduces the cost (or increases the benefit) for all.
  • TU Braunschweig Institut Fahrzeugtechnik:
    • Contribution rather in work hours, not money except for projects / public funding
    • The consortium does not only address the industry (and its money). Distribution of the workload is also an aim (this part is of interest to Prof. Friedrich)
  • SUMO is getting more sub-microscopic
  • Bosch: SUMO should be able to do more than fuel consumption, power train etc.
    • Put more emphasis on coupling simulators

Steering committee elections

  • Every participant member of the WG is member of the Steering committee and has one vote
  • Committers and guests cannot vote directly
  • Committers select two representatives which are members of the steering committee without voting rights
    • This selection process will be initiated by a mail to sumo-dev to find candidates and a subsequent election in the next two to four weeks.
  • Only committers can push to git repositories directly to ensure clean code and adherence to Eclipse regulations
  • Election chair of steering committee:
    • Single candidate: Robert Hilbrich
    • By unanimous vote: Robert is chair
  • Proposed change to charter:
  • Change duration to the range 13.5.19-12.5.20
    • By unanimous vote: charter is changed duration of the chair election period is 13.5.19-12.5.20

General Organisation

  • Frequency of Telcos/ Meetings:
    • Twice a year face to face (on different locations)
    • Proposal: Telcos at least monthly, in the beginning every two weeks, later less often
    • Proposal accepted
  • Skype for Business Telcos provided by DLR
  • There is a wiki which will contain this protocol and will be linked by the web site (and / or vice versa)
  • There is a mailing list:
  • There is a twitter account:
  • We need a Feature Tracker
    • Jira, GitHub or Tuleap
    • Jira needs a license (maybe a cost free version is available) and has frequent updates with many changes in core functions but Vector already uses it
    • All three tools meet the basic needs
    • SUMO’s GitHub cannot be the only point of contact because also SUMO independent topics should be tracked
    • Proposal: Everyone tests Tuleap (Ralphs favorite because it is open source) and we decide later
  • Later we need marketing sldies and our own repository
  • More infrastructure needed?
  • DLR sends doodle for next telco: only to the mailing list. (dudle von TU Braunschweig)
  • There is an archive for the mailing list
  • We already have a web site:
    • Generated by a static site generator written in Go (
    • Meeting Item and protocol will be on the web site and/or in the wiki
  • Code contributions to your own / new Eclipse project
  • Ralph and Angelika are happy to help out if problems / questions occur also with every other topic

10 November 2017


  • Bosch
  • DLR
  • TESIS DynaWare
  • rFpro


  • Robert, DLR gave a talk at at the EclipseCon
  • rFpro has a new partner who is interested for the driver in the loop application in background traffic, more sophisticated lane changing behavior.
  • Bosch is willing to become a paying member of the Steering Committee, details will be discussed at the Kickoff Meeting

Agenda for Kickoff Meeting

  • Meeting is scheduled on 20 November from 10:30 to 15:00 CET
  • Location will be at DLR in Berlin
  • Aim of the meeting is:
    • finalize the Working Group Charta
    • member status commitments (Steering Committee vs. Member)
    • decided about the working groups formal starting data (tentative 1 Jan 2018)

12 October 2017

Please see meeting slides File:OpenMobilityt20171012Telco.pdf

6 Sep 2017

Please see meeting slides File:OpenMobility20170906Telco.pdf

14 July 2017


  • Robert Hilbrich (RH), DLR
  • Michael Behrisch (MB), DLR
  • Mathias Höhne (MH), DLR
  • Gregor Lämmel (GL), DLR
  • Marek Heinrich (MH), for ZIP
  • Christoph Sommer (CS), University Paderborn
  • Robert Protzmann (RP), Fraunhofer
  • Michele Segate (MS), University of Trento

Status „Eclipse SUMO“

  • Preparation for migration (Git, trac, wiki, mailinglists, …)
    • Migration to Git outside of Eclipse to keep history
    • Initial commit requires history flattening
    • Wiki, issue tracking will move to GitHub issues
    • Mailinglists will be moved soon
  • Current situation regarding licenses
    • Licenses of all dependencies need to be checked
    • Parallel IP process
    • Eclipse Board may allow to distribute LGPL libraries - requires board approval
    • IPZilla for license issues -> Committer Questionaire (CQ)
    • C++11 to get rid of library

Status „Veins, VSimRTI, Plexe“

  • CS: No news
  • Robert Protzmann: Refactoring
  • Checking of licenses at Fraunhofer
  • Webform to have the project setup at Eclipse
  • MS: No time for development
    • SUMO part - Demo case for EclipseCon in October?
    • Veins part

Status „OpenMobility Working Group“

  • Initial proposal for a mission, vision, scope and purpose of the charter

Vision and Goals
Mobility is a basic human need as well as a defining part of human development. It has always been a driver for innovation and technological advancements in a variety of domains and applications.

Understanding and predicting mobility and traffic induced effects is a complex task which to master is a key to understand an interconnected world in which the mobility of not only of persons and goods but also information and data shapes traditional global trade and work commutes the same way it does give rise to new business models such as on demand car sharing or in time food delivery.

The complexity and variability of traffic phenomena make simulation an unique/effective tool for designing, analyzing and evaluating traffic systems.

The objective of the OpenMobility Working Group is to develop, standardize and promote open source solutions towards an open and modular mobility simulation framework including not only the movement of vehicle and people but also its interconnection with information transmission technologies and associated new business concepts.

This framework focuses on modeling and simulating the dynamics and interactions off all moving objects/entities/elements/actors, such as cars, bicycles, pedestrians, trains, trams, ...

The OpenMobility Working Group is explicitly developing open source solutions to ensure vendor neutrality and openness for research and academia. It aims for supplying valid models which help to evaluate new mobility approaches before bringing them into action in a scientifically sound manner as well as providing an easily accessible infrastructure to model traffic scenarios...
Purpose and Scope

The Open Mobility Working Group coordinates, influences and develops open source solutions with the following focus:

  • Microscopic and Mesoscopic traffic simulation
  • Car2X communication
  • Routing
  • Provide the environment to model many different modes of transport
  • (modeling and simulating the dynamics of all traffic participants such as road vehicles, trams, trains, vessels, bicycles and pedestrians and the interaction between them and the infrastructure)

Intended application domains for this framework are car manufacturing / automotive industry, logistics, traffic management, ...

Further target groups: consultants, public agencies, academia, …

The main purpose is to concentrate on the simulation and solution development for mobility problems on a city or regional level. While the interfacing to further tools such as single (submicroscopic) car simulators or large scale traffic demand models is highly desirable, the development of those tools is not in the focus of the group.

The groups aim is to deliver validated models which can be accepted as stanadard tools in academic as well as industry applications. To this end the members of the group will focus not only on tool development but also on teaching and disseminating their application as well as expanding and integrating the userbase.


  • Talk @ EclipseCon Europe 2017 in Ludwigsburg got accepted (Oct. 24th-26th)
  • Feedback from BMW - OpenPASS Working Group / Development in C++
  • Continue using Lync? Other alternatives?
    • Suggestion: Slack
    • Suggestion: WebEx from TU Berlin
  • Next telco: September 4, 1pm (WebEx link from Karl)

24 June 2017


  • Robert Hilbrich (RH), DLR
  • Michael Behrisch (MB), DLR
  • Mathias Höhne (MH), DLR
  • Gregor Lämmel (GL), DLR
  • Erik Newton (EN), rFpro
  • Christoph Sommer (CS), University Paderborn
  • Marek Heinrich (MH), for ZIP
  • Reiner Gaspar (RG), Bosch
  • Michele Segate (MS), University of Trento
  • Robert Protzmann (RP), Fraunhofer


  • As there are no objections, meeting minutes will be put on the website


  • EN: One customer is interested in pedestrians + bicycles. Information regarding OpenMobility will be forwarded to the customer.
  • MH: ZIP's membership application in the Eclipse Foundation is in process, currently no support needed.

Recent Events

demonstrate SUMO.

  • There will be a workshop on 16 August with VW at DLR to discuss prospects of SUMO+VEINS+VSimRTI

Status: Eclipse SUMO


  • CS will develop an adapter, which will take about 2-3 months.
  • CS will send an overview about the intended work to RH for publication on the wiki.
  • RP will provide a coupling of VSimRTI with SUMO and Omnet as Eclipse project. He will send an overview about this to RH for publication on the wiki.

Status: Plexe

  • MS agreed to sign a contributor license agreement so Plexe can be hosted in the SUMO project repository.

OpenMobility Working Group

  • We have a name (OpenMobility) and a subtitle (Advancing Simulation Environments for Transport Applications)
  • Mailing list will be provided soon by Ralph Mueller
  • Next steps: DLR will make a proposal for out mission and vision. Proposal will be discussed in the next meeting.

Next meeting

  • 14 July at 10am CET.
  • We are looking for an alternative to Lync. Everyone please check if you can provide WebEx or similar, otherwise next meeting will be on Lync again.

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