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== Publications ==
== Publications ==
Press release about the founding of the openMDM Working Group: [[File:Press_release_Foundation_of_Eclipse_openMDM_Working_Group_201407.pdf]]
Press releases about the founding of the openMDM Working Group:
[ Leading Automotive Companies to Collaborate at Eclipse: Introducing openMDM]
== Documents ==
== Documents ==
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[ WG Participation Agreement]
[ WG Participation Agreement]
[ openMDM Working Group gegründet]
== Related Eclipse Projects ==
== Related Eclipse Projects ==

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The Open Measurement Data Management Working Group wants to foster and support an open and innovative eco-system providing tools and systems, qualification kits and adapters for standardized and vendor independent management of measurement data in accordance with the ODS standard.


The charter has been approved by the executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, Mike Milinkovich, on July 11th. The Working Group has been created.

Founder members and their representatives are:

Sven Wittig, Audi AG, Driver Member

Ulrich Bleicher, BMW Group, Driver Member

Gerwin Mathwig, Daimler AG, Driver Member

Hans-Dirk Walter, Canoo Engineering AG, Service Provider

Walter Gold, Gigatronik, Service Provider

Hans Bothe, HighQSoft GmbH, Application Vendor

Hans-Joerg Kremer, Peak Solution GmbH, Service Provider

Dr. Dietmar Rapf, science + computing ag, Service Provider

Steering Committee

Speaker of the Steering Committee: Gerwin Mathwig

Sven Wittig, Audi AG

Ulrich Bleicher, BMW Group

Gerwin Mathwig, Daimler AG

Hans-Joerg Kremer, Peak Solution GmbH, elected representative of Service Providers

Hans Bothe, HighQSoft GmbH, representative of Application Vendors

Organization and Contact

For more information, contact WG Mailing List

Events, Activities and News

Past News and Articles

Relevant Conferences


Press releases about the founding of the openMDM Working Group:

File:Press release Foundation of Eclipse openMDM Working Group 201407.pdf

Leading Automotive Companies to Collaborate at Eclipse: Introducing openMDM


Working Group Charter

WG Participation Agreement

openMDM Working Group gegründet

Related Eclipse Projects

The MDM@WEB project covers components which are required to build a web client to work with data according to the ASAM ODS standard for reading and reporting purposes. It facilitates the interaction with servers following the ASAM ODS standard, file based exchange of (meta-)data, and provides a graphical user interface for browsing and handling the available data.

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