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Oomph Repository Analyzer

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Oomph's repository analyzer is an application for generating a detailed analysis report of one for more p2 repositories. Oomph's repository-analyzer job illustrates how to use this application to generate reports. It currently generates reports for several of Eclipse's key p2 update sites, including the latest Platform repositories and the latest SimRel repositories. Please use Bug 550361 for feedback.

Page Types

There are three general page types generated.

  • Pages for folders that are not themselves p2 update sites; these are useful only for navigation.
  • Pages for folders that represent a p2 update site with two variants:
    • Pages for composite update sites.
    • Pages for simple update sites.
  • Pages for each installable unit in an update site.

Update Site Pages

An update site page looks will appear as follows:


In this case, it is a page for a composite p2 repository, so an "XML" section is included For a simple p2 repository, the detailed information about site's content and artifacts is very large and is therefore provide via separate installable unit-specific pages.

In general, sections are expandable via the orange triangle. Some sections support expand all via a second orange triangle after the section title, which appears only after expanding the section itself.

Inappropriate Absolute Locations

If the composite site specifies a location using an absolute URI that has the same host as the composite site itself, this is reported as a problem:


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