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Welcome to the Higgins Wiki (click Higgins Home if that's what you really wanted). This wiki is a catch-all place for misc documentation, spex, etc. that don't otherwise fit nicely into one of the left-hand menu items on the Higgins Home page.

The Higgins Home site and this wiki are not integrated from a navigational point of view so it is is easy to get lost. From Higgins Home you can click the menu items at the left and get where you want to go, including back to this wiki. The best thing to do is bookmark Higgins Home, not this wiki page. At the bottom of every wiki page we try to remember to put a link back to Higgins Home. Oh, and did we mention Higgins Home.

Internal Higgins Development

This section is relevant only for Higgins committers and active contributors.

Repository Branch Structure

  • HEAD -- ongoing development for Higgins 1.0
  • B1-0M9 -- state of components at the end of 1.0M9
  • M0-8 -- state of components at the end 1.0M8

Meetings and Events


Coding Standards

  • Coding-related Conventions
  • All Java code must build using JRE 1.4 (and must support both Sun and IBM JREs)

Misc Tools





Old Junk

Related Communities



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