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* [[JavaDoc]]
* [[JavaDoc]]
* Higgins v1.0 [[Component Deliverables]]
* Higgins v1.0 [[Component Deliverables]]
* [[Draft Response to Open Specification Promise]]
* [[Response to Open Specification Promise]]
* Previous [[Draft Response to Open Specification Promise]]
* [[Draft Build Specification]]
* [[Draft Build Specification]]

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Introduction to Higgins

Higgins is a framework that will enable users and enterprises to integrate identity, profile, and relationship information across multiple systems. Using context providers, existing and new systems such as directories, collaboration spaces, and communications technologies (e.g. Microsoft/IBM WS-*, LDAP, email, IM, etc.) can be plugged into the Higgins framework. Applications written to the Higgins API can virtually integrate the identity, profile, and relationship information across these heterogeneous systems. A design goal is that Higgins be useful in the development of applications accessed through browsers, rich clients, and web services. Our intent is to define the Higgins framework in terms of service descriptions, messages and port types consistent with an SOA model and to develop a Java binding and implementation as an initial reference. (Higgins is also a long-tailed Tasmanian jumping Mouse)




Communication / Events


Reference Materials

  • Architecture for using the idemix Private Certificate System for Identity Federation, Jan Camenisch, Dieter Sommer, IBM Research (Version 0.6 PDF 8 pages)
  • Credential Architecture, IBM Research, (PDF1 page)
  • XRI Resolution v2.0 (PDF 74 pages)

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