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Old Components Page Conventions


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Older versions of templates

Column Names

  • Left-most Column (may be indented)
    • Component-level rows: Component name plus:
      • (Bugzilla component name) if Bugzilla name is different
    • Sub-component-level rows (Token Service and IdAS only): Sub-Component name
    • Project-level rows: Project name plus:
      • [SVN module name]
      • {branches} --list of branch names for this component
  • Dep. (Dependencies)
    • dep - wiki page of non-Higgins libraries (e.g. JARs) that this component depends on to build and run
  • Repository
    • svn - link to the SVN source files
      • Use either the https link given, or substitute svn+ssh for https as the svn URL in order to access the code for a project
  • Downloads
    • downloads - link to the mostly recently generated nightly on [Soon: this page will also include all stable builds]
  • Test Status
    • For each of the java sub-projects of each Component listed in all of these tables there exists a second project a sister ".test" project exists containing unit tests. These tests are [well, will soon be] automatically run during the nightly build process. This cell should contain a status word related to these tests:
      • none - no sister ".test" project exists
      • minimal - a few unit tests exist in the ".test" project
      • good - reasonable coverage of functionality exists in the ".test" project
  • First check-in [MANDATORY]
    • The first branch that contained this project or file. E.g. if the table or release build that contained this project/file was "B-1-0-0" then this column entry would read "B-1-0-0".
  • Most recent [MANDATORY]
    • The most recent branch that contains this project or file. E.g. if the most recent stable or release build were "B-1-0-0" then if this project/file were a part of this build then this column entry would read "B-1-0-0".
  • Owner
    • <email> - email of the owner of this component

Currently Disabled

  • Build Status (LED)
    • green - last night's build succeeded
    • red - last night's build failed
    • clear/off - not yet part of nightly build

Proposed Improvements to the tables on this page

This section is a place to capture new ideas, suggestions, requirements for improvements to the templates used to generate these tables:

  1. Make the LED's clickable so when one is red, it can be clicked which results in the user being taken to the build log or something that explains why the build broke. I'm not sure how to do this in a way that doesn't display the ugly wiki "external link" graphic. I do know how to do it nicely if we're linking to a page (jimse)

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