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(R-Card Design Review [Paul, Markus, Drummond])
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* Walk through a few r-card use cases (alice sharing an r-card with bob)
* Walk through a few r-card use cases (alice sharing an r-card with bob)
===Introduction to ICSP [Drummond]===
===Introduction to ISCP ("ICECAP") [Drummond/Markus]===
* Describe the design goals and design
* Describe the design goals and design
* Implementation plans
* Implementation plans
* Relationship to OpenID, XRDS
* Relationship to OpenID, XRDS, XDI
===Higgins AIR Selector Architecture [Paul]===
===Higgins AIR Selector Architecture [Paul]===

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Higgins face-to-face meeting in Waltham, Massachusetts, October 27-29, 2008.


  • Location: The offices of Wilmer Hale, 1100 Winter Street in Waltham, Meeting Room(s): St. Clair - 0401
  • Time: The event will start Monday at 9:00 AM and end Wednesday at noon. Note that Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:30 we will be meeting in a different room.
  • Action Items are indicated by the presence of "(AI)" on a line and the owner of the action item is in bold.

Expected Attendees

  1. Jim Sermersheim - Novell
  2. Paul Trevithick - Parity
  3. Drummond Reed - Cordance/Parity
  4. Mary Ruddy - Meristic
  5. Hank Mauldin - Cisco
  6. Markus Sabedello - Parity
  7. John Bradley - Parity

Attending by phone

Participant Passcode: TBD

Attending on IRC



Note that once we have finalized the agenda, we will move items around to appropriate time slots. Please add your proposed agenda items

We will track at least the agenda on the #Higgins IRC channel. If you wish to call in for an agenda item, please let us know on the #higgins IRC channel

9:30-10:00 Welcome, Introductions, Agenda []

  • Introductions
  • Eclipse ground rules
  • Agenda bashing
  • Information card ID-WSF interoperability
  • Information card multi-card use cases
  • Common STS infrastructure (WS-Trust, SAML2, Kerberos, etc.)


IdAS XDI Engine & CP [Markus?]

  • Demonstration and discussion of the XDI Engine

Access Control in IdAS [Paul]

  • Working session where we go through use cases together

Review of the Context Data Model [Paul]

  • Working session going through the PPT and wiki definitions, and collaboratively reviewing and updating them

R-Card Design Review [Paul, Markus, Drummond]

  • Review R-card XML data format
  • Review UDI spex [Markus]
  • Review status of access control issues related to r-cards
  • Walk through a few r-card use cases (alice sharing an r-card with bob)

Introduction to ISCP ("ICECAP") [Drummond/Markus]

  • Describe the design goals and design
  • Implementation plans
  • Relationship to OpenID, XRDS, XDI

Higgins AIR Selector Architecture [Paul]

  • Review current architecture
  • Review proposed changes
    • LICS: Local I-Card Service
    • Local IdAS

UN/PW Cards [Brian?, Paul]

  • Adding support for login to existing sites using un/pw form filling

OpenID Support in Higgins [Paul, John, others]

  • Review our goals

Architecture Harmnonization [All]

  • Need to pull the three "1.1" Selectors (AIR, RCP and GTK/Cocoa) closer together architecturally
  • Reuse of browser extensions
  • Leveraging Selector Selector (on Windows, OSX, Linux)

Higgins Website Enhancements

  • Home page structure & content [Mary, Paul]
  • Downloads page proposal [Brian]

Higgins Process/Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Automated nightly testing
  • Review status of internationalization

Co-Creating the Higgins Project Plan [Mary and all]



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