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The comprehensive tool environment for OT/J is based on Eclipse and the JDT. It has been developed since 2003, to a large extent as part of the TOPPrax project. The following people have directly contributed to the OTDT:

OTDT Overview.png
  • Andreas Kaiser
  • Carsten Pfeiffer
  • Christine Hering
  • Christine Hundt
  • Gregor Brcan
  • Jan Wloka
  • Jaroslav Svacina
  • Joachim Hänsel
  • Johannes Gebauer
  • Jürgen Widiker
  • Karsten Meier
  • Marco Mosconi
  • Markus Witte
  • Michael Krüger
  • Ralf Anklam
  • Sascha Kolewa
  • Stephan Herrmann (project lead)

Many others have also contributed valuable feedback, bug-reports, feature-requests etc.


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