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OTRE Parameters

Parameters controlling the behavior of the OTRE

The following user-definable properties are interpreted by the OTRE

passes a configuration file to the OTRE where globally active teams are listed (see OTJLD §5.5). Also used by the OTDT to pass the list of teams from the Team Activation tab of a launch configuration (see Team activation).
value: path to config file
register a client class as a lifting participant (see
value: fully qualified name of a class to act as a lifting participant
turns on dumping of transformed class files into directory jplis_dump.
turns on (verbose!) logging to std out about activity of the transformers/weavers.
turns on std-out logging of any LiftingVetoException raised at runtime by generated dispatch code.

The following properties are passed from the IDE to the OTRE

turns on the generation of debug information in the byte code
determines which parts of the dispatch code are exposed during step debugging, see Configuring the callin stepping behavior.
Possible values are a comma separated list of
  • role ("Show pending dispatch to callin binding")
  • recurse ("Show pending recursive dispatch")
  • orig ("Show pending dispatch to original base method")
tells the OTRE that it is running inside the Equinox framework.

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