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OTHowtos/Migrating Projects To 0.7

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See also this entry in the New & Noteworthy.

If you have OT/J projects (including OT/Equinox projects) created by OTDT 1.x from some items need migrating because internally the prefix org.objectteams was used which has been replaced by org.eclipse.objectteams

The following items will be reported as specific errors:

  • .project uses old name for the OT/J project nature
  • .project uses old name for the OT/J builder
  • MANIFEST.MF declares dependency on the otequinox bundle by its old name
  • plugin.xml declares an aspectBindings extension by its old name

For these errors quickfixes are offered per bug 308029 performing the necessary adjustments.

The following items are not supported:

  • attributes in launch configurations
  • preference keys in preference settings.

As a workaround you may just edit the corresponding file, replacing all occurrences of org.objectteams with org.eclipse.objectteams

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