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Say you, or another user, created an Action with a title describing what you wanted to do at the time.

Now, something has changed. Maybe you put a date in the title which has now changed, or you want to separate two Actions.

If you are in a Workflow state where the Title is editable, you can change the Workflow title easily enough. But what about the Action?

The following method works for either an Action or a Workflow at any time.

First, open the Workflow, or any Workflow relating to the Action. Then, ensure that the "Action view" view is open.

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Right-click on either the Workflow you want to change the title of, or the Action, and select "Open in Artifact Editor".

Then, change the "Name" field in the Artifact Editor to the title you want.

Save the artifact, and that's it - you have your new title!

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