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== Topics ==
== Topics ==
=== [[Survey of Requirements Management Standards]] ===
=== [[Survey of Requirements Management Standards]] ===
=== [[Requirements Model]] ===
[[Category:ORMF]][[Category:Eclipse Technology Project]]
[[Category:ORMF]][[Category:Eclipse Technology Project]]

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The Eclipse Open Requirements Management Framework (ORMF) intends to extend the Eclipse platform with an open source framework for building Eclipse based tools which facilitate working with structured requirements.

Much of the information on the Open Requirements Management Framework (ORMF) is on the project's website.As well as the home of typical Wiki content such as examples and Frequently Asked Questions, our Wiki pages are intended as the primary platform for collaboration on specific project related topics..

Project Information

Project Plan

For timeline, milestones and themes in the ORMF development, please visit the current project plan.

Progress Reports

On average we report progress on work on a weekly basis. All past reports, as well as the occasional tema meetings minutes, may be accessed from the Progress Reports page.


Survey of Requirements Management Standards

Requirements Model

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