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Get OM2M source code

git clone

Add under review files (This step will be removed when all third libraries are validated by Eclipse)

Build OM2M using maven

  • "Apache Maven 3" is required to build OM2M.
  • Got to the "org.eclipse.om2m" directory.
  • Build OM2M using the following command: (An internet connection is required to download dependencies)
mvn clean install

Generated products

  • Two Eclipse products will be generated after a successful built:
    • The NSCL product can be found on this directory: "om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/<os>/<ws>/<arch>"
    • The GSCL product can be found on this directory: "om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/<os>/<ws>/<arch>"
  • You can also import the "org.eclipse.om2m" project as maven project in the Eclipse RPC IDE, and use Eclipse maven tools to build the OM2M platform.

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