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  • Eclipse kepler (for RCP and RAP Developers).
  • To get the plugin dependencies, the maven tool download these latter from their remote locations. To enable this, we need to configure the insa proxy following these steps:
    • Select Window -> Preferences -> Maven -> User settings
    • You will find the warning message "settings.xml file doesn't exist" .
    • Move to the .m2 directory location and create the settings.xml file and put this snippet.
  • To build the OM2M project into Eclipse, a Tycho m2e connector is needed. Installation of m2e connectors is accomplished as follows: click Window -> Preferences -> maven -> discovery -> open catalog and type Tycho. Check the “Tycho Configurator” checkbox.
Maven marketplace

If the tycho plugin wasn't available on the Maven marketplace, you can install it manually. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select Help -> Install New Software.
  • Click on the Add button.
Tycho install
Tycho install
  • Select the "Tycho Project Configurators" and click on Next.
Tycho install
  • Accept the terms of use and click on Finish.
  • Update your project: Select the package "org.eclipse.om2m" -> right click -> maven -> update Project.

Build OM2M from source using Eclipse

Clone The OM2M project

  • Select Windiow->Show View -> Other .
  • In the dialog box, select the Git view.
  • Click on “Clone a Git repository”.
Git clone
  • In the second page, keep the “master” branch checkbox selected and click Next.
Git clone
  • In the third page, check the “import all existing projects after clone finishes” and click “Finish”.
Git clone
  • The OM2M project is now cloned and is visible on the Git repositories’ and Package’ explorers.
  • Now we will add the required libraries. This step will be removed when all third libraries will be validated by Eclipse.
  • Download the libraries from this link:
  • Extract OM2M-libs and add the following libraries to "org.eclipse.om2m" repository as follows:
    • "db4o-core-java5-8.1-SNAPSHOT.jar" library under "org.eclipse.om2m.core\libs",
    • "obix.jar" library under "org.eclipse.om2m.commons\libs",
    • "xsd" folder under "org.eclipse.om2m.commons\src\main\resources".
  • After adding the required librairies, update the org.eclipse.om2m package. To do so, select the package "org.eclipse.om2m" -> right click -> maven -> update Project.

Build OM2M using maven

  • Select “org.eclipse.om2m” package and right click. Select “Run as -> maven install”.
  • Two Eclipse products will be generated after a successful built:
    • The NSCL product can be found on this directory: "om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/<os>/<ws>/<arch>"
    • The GSCL product can be found on this directory: "om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/<os>/<ws>/<arch>"

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