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  • Eclipse kepler (for RCP and RAP Developers).
  • To build the OM2M project into Eclipse, a Tycho m2e connector is needed. Installation of m2e connectors is accomplished as follows: click Window -> Preferences -> maven -> discovery -> open catalog and type Tycho. Check the “Tycho Configurator” checkbox.
Maven marketplace
  • If the tycho plugin wasn't available on the Maven marketplace, you can install it manually. To do so, follow these steps:
    • Select Help -> Install New Software.
    • Click on the Add button.
Tycho install

Build OM2M from source using Eclipse

Clone The OM2M project

  • Select Windiow->Show View -> Other .
  • In the dialog box, select the Git view.
  • Click on “Clone a Git repository”.
Git clone
  • In the second page, keep the “master” branch checkbox selected and click Next.
Git clone
  • In the third page, check the “import all existing projects after clone finishes” and click “Finish”.
Git clone
  • The OM2M project is now cloned and is visible on the Git repositories’ and Package’ explorers.
  • Now we will add the required libraries. This step will be removed when all third libraries will be validated by Eclipse.
  • Download the libraries from this link:
  • Extract OM2M-libs and add the following libraries to "org.eclipse.om2m" repository as follows:
    • "db4o-core-java5-8.1-SNAPSHOT.jar" library under "org.eclipse.om2m.core\libs",
    • "obix.jar" library under "org.eclipse.om2m.commons\libs",
    • "xsd" folder under "org.eclipse.om2m.commons\src\main\resources".
  • After adding the required librairies, update the org.eclipse.om2m package. To do so, select the package "org.eclipse.om2m" -> right click -> maven -> update Project.

Build OM2M using maven

  • Select “org.eclipse.om2m” package and right click. Select “Run as -> maven install”.
  • Two Eclipse products will be generated after a successful built:
    • The NSCL product can be found on this directory: "om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/<os>/<ws>/<arch>"
    • The GSCL product can be found on this directory: "om2m/org.eclipse.om2m/<os>/<ws>/<arch>"

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